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Business Tax Preparation

Professional Business Tax Preparation in Lynnwood

business partners shaking hands in meeting roomRock Solid Bookkeeping and Advising Services LLC is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive business tax services in Lynnwood. As enrolled agents (EAs), we offer several benefits above those you'd receive from other financial experts. One of them is specialized knowledge of the complex tax code, which helps you avoid disputes with the IRS. We also provide competitive charges and flexible availability through phone, email, and in-person or virtual meetings.

Our highly skilled staff continuously receives training to keep up with the latest government and industry requirements. We offer tax preparation services suitable for all businesses, focusing on accuracy, responsiveness, customized solutions, and the highest ethical standards. Schedule a consultation today for more details!

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Benefits of Professional Tax Preparation

Completing your tax returns is a hectic and time-consuming process that gets more complicated as your business grows. We can accomplish the task promptly and accurately. Our affordable fees cover the services you'd get from a professional accountant as well as a tax specialist. We also use our knowledge to identify deductions, credits, and other tax savings applicable to your company. Additional benefits of our Lynnwood tax preparation for businesses include:

Risk Reduction: Since tax preparation is our area of expertise, we can reduce the chances of receiving IRS notices, undergoing audits, and receiving punitive penalties. Along with avoiding mistakes, your business will benefit from the tax deductions that our experts identify.

IRS Representation: This feature is one of the most vital benefits of hiring Enrolled Agents over other financial experts. Should you receive a summons or undergo an audit, our team will represent you during negotiations with the IRS. We'll also help you prepare the relevant documents to prove your tax compliance. Apart from providing customized solutions for your industry, we have a license to operate in all 50 states.

Peace of Mind: The already complicated tax code keeps undergoing updates every few years. Our professional services reduce stress by taking the burden off your shoulders. You can go about your business confidently when you know your tax affairs are in order.

Our Tax Preparation Process

To ensure accuracy during business tax preparation, we analyze your past returns and organize all current data. We are also QuickBooks® ProAdvisors and can help you set up an accounting system to automate the information necessary for preparing your taxes. In late January, we send you an organizer to let you know it's time to get ready. We make sure everything is up-to-date and complete. After determining everything is in order, we'll follow our efficient preparation process.

  • Evaluation: This task involves identifying all relevant details. We check for updates and accuracy, including personal and business information. We review evidence of transactions in the form of sales records, invoices, rent receipts, mileage records, and employee wages.
  • Compilation: Once we have the relevant records, the next step is to input the details in the necessary IRS forms. The forms needed will depend on your type of small business. For example, partnerships or multiple-member LLCs utilize Form 1065. C corporations and S corps use Form 1120 and 1120S, respectively. We help ensure the submission of all files by their due date to avoid fines.
  • Review: Right before filing your returns, we'll go over the process with you. This step helps maintain relevant records to ensure your future returns are filed promptly and minimize liabilities.

Tax Preparation for the Business Owner

business team in a meetingWe design our all-inclusive Lynnwood business tax services to maximize efficiency. Our agents also assist with individual taxes because we understand the impact of events on your business and personal financial health. Such circumstances include marriage, illness, a new baby, educational needs, divorce, home ownership, employment or job loss, and death.

Our team will identify opportunities to help you adapt to these situations and plan for the future. Some examples are education tax credits, mortgage interest deductions, earned income credit, and disaster relief. Our tax planning strategies also ensure you and your dependents owe the lowest possible obligation to the government. We'll recommend appropriate retirement plans and investments that can provide long-term security and growth potential.

Reliable Tax Preparation for Your Lynnwood Business

At Rock Solid Bookkeeping and Advising Services LLC, we have a range of services to complement business tax preparation in Lynnwood. They include tax planning, small business accounting, payroll solutions, and new business startup. This convenience enables you to focus on your core tasks while allowing you more time to spend as you choose. In addition to our QuickBooks® ProAdvisor certification, we also offer Advanced Crypto Tax competence. For personalized solutions to business tax preparation, contact us today!

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